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I do not sit at a table with more than $ 600 at a time, while at the casino, it is quite common for me to have $ 800 or $ 1000 game once. There is a lot more pressure when larger percentage of your account is in. The last time I played at the casino, I threw hands with which I have followed in online gambling, simply because I do not want to end up penniless if I lost. Playing online, I also have access to all my money. In casinos, I can not use the money that I brought and have enough money to play is almost as important as being a good player.

There are some telltale signs that I learned to recognize when playing online, but I did not, however, take account of any social situation. So even though my knowledge of poker theory, that playing cards and read telltale signs online, grew rapidly, my ability to read players in a real situation has not developed, in fact, she perhaps even decreased. 's experience online gaming has its advantages and disadvantages when it is transferred to the actual game. For example, I reveal more facial and behavioral indications real game because I do not have to remain impassive when I play on a computer. On the other hand, I have less verbal and gesture tics because I used to play alone and in silence

I am also able to play on two tables simultaneously online, which causes of action permanently. When a person accustomed to the constant action playing at the casino, where there is a lot of downtime, it can end up playing more relaxed and force things that are not there. This can lead to periods of loss and disgust of poker.

I think that online players are generally worse than casino players. The dehumanizing factor computer that good players play badly and when you combine regular bad players, the result of the operation is good enough for someone like me who has surpassed the dehumanizing effect of computer.