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In Texas Hold'em Poker, one of the most important things to learn now is to figure out when to play, when to raise and when to fold without hesitation. We're talking, of course, the starting hands, as the hands are shown in step-by-flops.

The paper kicker is, between the two that are received, the lowest. two cards face down, the lower is the kicker. The Kicker is important because, at the same time, the winning player will be the one which will enter the higher kicker. If your cards are 345 Å, we both have a pair of aces, but the winner of the pot because he will be the kicker 10. Moral: Do not you just get a single card for high launch, it is very important also the accompanying paper.

There is a mathematical law, the choice depends on the position one has, the number of players, from the chips that you own and that others have, the capacities staff, the type of game and many other factors, not least the psychological . But, in principle, there are "patterns of behavior", more or less standardized, which give great directions on how and with what cards to start a hand of Texans.

If you have any hands other than "premium", weigh up whether or not to launch yourself to the run of the dish. In general it is recommended Calare with medium suited cards, ignoring all others. And the pairs? Some would tell you to head off a sword in their defense. I recommend it, even in this case, to assess all the variables, rather than jump headlong. For example, more players means more chances that someone in my bypasses choppiest 55. And then what? It is hoped in luck and in a trio of 5 around the deck when there are only two more. The third indication: the place at the table is critical. If we have a good position - the last of the hand-we will have a major advantage over our rivals, we will be the last to speak, we can guess from playing their cards they make and Calare / raise with hands are not too strong.