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Many expenses come into play when you make the move to go play at the casino. The amount of money spent for travel such as gasoline, tolls, food, hotel and tips for dealers and waitresses, can quickly become substantial. Gratuities received casino pay a portion of these expenses, but not all. It also takes time. Like most people, I do not live near a casino and go to the nearest home in Atlantic City, it takes an hour drive there and back. That's two hours less to devote to the game.

To top it all, in addition to lost time for the journey, the actual game tends to be slower than the online game. Under optimal conditions (players who act quickly and a good donor), you can only play about 30 hands per hour. In comparison, you can play between 60 and 80 hands per hour online.

You can also lose time waiting to find a place at a table in a casino. The popularity of poker has grown faster than the ability to adapt casinos. Result, it is quite common to have to wait over an hour to sit at a table and even two hours on weekends. That is why I prefer to play online and I got better results with real online casinos for several reasons.

I play online every day, I got so used to. I guess quite easily the game of the players and I am probably more experienced than most of my opponents. The choice of the table is much better online and I do not have to wait for a place.

If I sit and I realize that all the players are good, I can instantly go away. It is much more difficult to make it to the casino. It is also considered contrary to good use to leave a table if you earn a lot very quickly, but online, I can easily go, collect my money and start a new table. Another significant advantage is that I can choose when to play.