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Poker is played all over the world , many places in the so-called " card rooms" (these are especially at casinos ) . For decades , poker has also been played privately where people have made their homes available for a game between good friends. Under certain laws and certain conditions , this may be illegal. In recent times , large parts of the poker game moved to the Internet , where people can decide what types of games they want to play, there is always plenty of competitors who are ready to play .

The largest poker sites online as Party Poker, Poker Stars, Everest Poker has thousands of players every day. Every conceivable games are offered , and you can play for $ 00.01 , or you can play for thousands of dollars. Poker has become a global game , and that means there are countless players ready to play , around the clock, so you can play against your neighbor , or you can play against a competitor sitting thousands of miles away.

Without embarrassment of bad Calls, a smoky atmosphere, and with the comfort of sitting in your own home, online poker become the place where poker activity 24 hours a day . You can play for real money with the blinds down to 4 cents or play for free while you learn the game.

Card room in real casinos are becoming more and more beginner-friendly , and often offer at least one night a week begins . The game here is slower than on the Internet, as it is a person who will shuffle and deal the cards. Many card rooms have different rules and you should always check what is expected of you before you sit down at a table , for example . in tournaments with low stakes or start evenings , you may be asked to dealer for the table and yourself (self- deal) . The number of players can vary from two ( known as heads-up ) and up to ten at tournaments with one table and at gambling . The number of participants in the Multi -table tournaments are not, however, limited unless it is specified by the tournament management and can often have more than 1,000 participants.