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Craps can be considered one of the oldest gambling known to mankind. Today it is available in conventional casinos and online casinos. Modern casino version of the dice is known as craps, and despite the fact that the essence of it - guess the roll of two dice - remained the same, any player must first become familiar with certain rules and features of the game.

In bone multiple players are playing. The playing field is a table on which are marked the place for betting. For rates allocated a certain time, then the dice. This time defines the player who first comes to the table. Determine how much time is left before the throw can be the indicator that appears in the corner of the window.

To place your bet, you must click to select a chip and put it in the selected field. You can bet and stay - on the counter for this you need to click the right mouse button. Once all bets are thrown a bone. The player, who had the place to throw, he can throw the bones, and can transfer this right to another player. In most casinos, the player can roll the dice with different speeds, choose one of the modes. Once the bones stay is determined by their combination, and paid the winnings.

For successful dice on money you need to know what bets a player can make, and which ones are more favorable for him. The simplest bet - a bet Pass Line, i.e. the rate of winning. It wins if the sum falls 7 or 11, and loses if the sum fell 2, 3 or 12. In all other cases, the number becomes the point about what the mark of white chips on the table.

All subsequent bet to win only win if the player will be able to throw the point before rolling a 7. If the first roll is 7, the player loses. After a certain point all bets to win, who did not play, can not be changed. And they are played after dropping 7 or paragraph. Payment at the rate of 1 to 1.