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If we assume that you play a tournament with ten players (also known as a Sit & Go ) over the Internet. When the ten seats are filled , the game will start and you will be assigned a seat. The game begins after the dealer button (marked ' D' ) , where two players pay the blinds , the small blind and big blind.

Two cards are dealt to each player. The player immediately after the big blind is first to act . When it's your turn to act , you have the option to call, raise or fold . If the small blind has already paid half of what it costs to run it , and if you sit in the big blind , you have already paid the entire amount it costs to run it and see the flop unless there is a player before who have signed Raise. If signed Raise you may choose to sign Reprise , call or fold .

Three community cards are dealt face up . All the players who have not volunteered fold before the flop can now use these three cards to make a better hand , it follows that a new round of bets. If there are no bets can simply check and see the next card without putting more money into the pot. A bet must be called or raised , if you want to see the next card , otherwise you must fold .

A fifth and final community card is dealt face up - followed by the final round of bets. If a bet is made ​​by a player and there is another player who choose to volunteer call , both players turn their cards and the winner is . If at any time you are made ​​a bet that can not be answered with a call announcement , gaining the person who made ​​the bet , the pot. This person can then choose to show their cards or just give them back to the dealer ( known as mucking ).

Once a winner is found , begin a new hand and the dealer button moves one place clockwise. Blinds usually rises after a predetermined time interval. After the last person is out , the gains distributed and the game is over .