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Moreover, some players love not so much gambling, as the feeling of excitement, the building and the interior of the casino environment, eternal and endless fuss voices and shouts coming from different parts of the casino. There are many other reasons why among the regulars no fans ground casino online casino: the inability to use a computer or inability to deal with the intricacies of the software, the lack of the same computer or slow internet, etc.

Let's go back to the Act of 2009. Many people know of its existence and that it prohibits, but the text of the law is not fully read. In this regard, there are many questions about how legal online casino and not overstep the law if we, when we play there. Online Casino is legal if it is registered in the country in whose territory the licensing of gambling allowed. Most of the licenses issued by the country of Antigua, about. Maine, Costa Rica, etc. Even the entrepreneur can open an online casino on the territory of the State, to obtain a license and pay income taxes to the treasury of the State.

The main thing is that the server software online casino was in this country, that is, outside. Such cooperation is beneficial to all: countries get huge profits in their coffers, businessmen legalize their activities and open his business. Another issue that plagues players - "And I play legally on the territory of the Russian Federation in online casino?". Of course, legally, play online casino games no one stops.

In the United States for nearly 10 years trying to reduce the number of people playing games of chance. They ban on gambling activities operating since 2005. Indeed, the number of players has decreased, as well as state revenue. Fighting online casinos there being too peculiar way - you can play in the U.S. to play at online casinos, but you can not transfer funds to this institution. This method has brought results, but the treasury felt very painful lack of $ 50 billion per year would get from taxes on casinos. We are currently no talk of cancellation of this law.